Osteopathic Physician

This osteopathic practice in Manchester New Hampshire goes back to the 19 teens when John Parfitt DO practiced. Later his son John W Parfitt joined the practice and took over for the next 30+years. I found out about the practice through a classified ad because Jack had terminal prostate cancer. After a brief introductory period of several months I took over the practice in June 1979. I had been an emergency room/family practitioner for several years before that but Jack's practice was strictly OMM. I continued to serve as a family practice doc until managed-care decided that everyone had to be certified and I chose not to continue as a primary care physician but in my area of specialty OMM

I became certified through the practice track of the AOA in 1994. I am a graduate of KCOM in 1975.  It took me five years to pay off the practice to Jack's wife after he passed. At that point it was so busy I needed to expand and purchased the building at 35 High St.  I then recruited several docs over the next several years and by 1988 it was a four doctor practice.

Over the next several years one of our physicians expired.He was 74 years old. Another decided to  go out on his own and another decided to retire. Since 1997 I've been on my own.  In 2015 I decided to opt outof  all insurance plans and have had a cash practice ever since.

I've been in practice over 42 years now. I feel that I've done all I can and I want to get out of this while I'm still healthy and can enjoy my retirement and travel , something Dr. Parfitt was never able to do.

Manchester New Hampshire is located in the south central portion of the state. It is one hour from the ocean one hour from the mountains. The city of 110 thousand people is an educational center of New Hampshire with a growing population,fine housing and fine education for a family. There's excellent hiking,fishing ,boating and everything you could imagine to do here. There is major-league sports in Boston one hour away and we have our own sports teams,hockey and baseball ,here in the minor leagues.

I would like to sell the building and the practice as one entity. The building is in excellent condition has been maintained well over the period of time that I've owned it since 1984. There is also a rehabilitation MedX facility on the lower level  that's been in operation since 1993. I would be happy to stay on for a period of six months to a year or even more if necessary to introduce the new owner to the practice.

Only serious applicants should apply. The cost of the above mentioned is negotiable but within what the area is typically appraised at for such buildings and medical practices.

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